30 Nov 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Kekaseh !

Dear my Lovepediary,

.... and Encek Kekaseh,

28 November 2011

Dear my Chenta Haty,

Loving you is the most special feeling I've ever had
Since we married
Thank you for all the Love you share
Thank you for all your kindness and care
Thank you for always be there for me
In sickness and in health
In good times and in bad
When I smile and when I cry
 I hope you'll always be with me
In all my tomorrows
'Cause your Love for me is
The best refreshment in my Life
Your Love for me worth more than anything
In the world
For the two years we shared the Love
Happiness and commitment
As husband and wife in our married Life
I hope your Love for me still remain the same
Like the first time you said 'I Love you'
 And even gets stronger day by day
I truly hope I could make you happy
For the whole life you spend with me
I hope I could be the wife that can make you proud
I could be the only one you Love and ever need
There is no feeling more comforting and consoling
Than knowing you're right next to me
I will not Love you for the rest or your Life
But for the rest of my Life
I really hope you feel the same way too
I hope this is not only the repetition of promises
I made to you
But this is the proof that
Our Love story will never end.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Kekaseh!
Lots of Love from your wifey

Lots of Love,

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